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Play It Safe

Structured around a Project Based Learning framework, Play It Safe addresses the social norms associated with risk taking behaviour, particularly in road and traffic environments, focusing on the influence of peers on attitudes ad decisions.

The resource provides students with opportunities to recognise that risky behaviour in road and traffic settings is usually a part of a broader picture of risk-taking by young people.  Students are encouraged to design strategies to promote safer road use among young people in their local community.

Stage 6 English - Cruise Control

Cruise Control has been developed for teachers to support the Year 11 English courses and Year 11 students at a time when they are beginning to drive. The resource aims to attune students to the critical importance of road safety and encourages students to take control of their lives as well as their learning.

Through a framework of English concepts, Cruise Control supports the development of learning processes that foster a culture of critical and personal engagement. This is essential for students to connect the learning encountered through the resource to their experiences of the real world and the worlds of texts.

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