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4.2 Reworking the message: Intervening in the text

You have developed your personal response to the advertisement and have some understanding of why you might have responded in this way. Use this information to identify a target audience based on people like you who have not been convinced by its message. Intervene in the text and rework the advertisement so that it will be effective for this specific audience. The steps below will help you organise your work.

  1. Focus on the aspect of the text that annoys you and change it to suit your own preferences.
  2. Consider how the change would affect the meaning of the advertisement and if it could work for your audience. Ask yourself:
    • What effect does this change have on the text?
    • Does it suggest further changes that could be carried through the text?
    • Does it lead to a new understanding of the text?

(You may find that you’ll have to discard some of your suggestions as they just won’t work.)

  1. When you have decided on your change, rewrite the advertisement to persuade the particular audience you have identified.
  2. Now evaluate the change you made by asking the following questions:
    • Why did I make that choice?
    • What preferences does it imply?
    • What options did I reject? Why?
    • How far was my choice from the dominant reading?

Last update: 18th September 2014