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Student worksheet 15.2 - Task 2: A report to _____ Council

Chapter Content of the report
  • Names of the investigating team
  • Month of the investigation
  • Local area of concern
  • A discussion of why this area was chosen (may include statistics, photographs)
  • Describe who is the most at risk when in this area (links to: passengers/pedestrians/wheels users/future drivers)
  • Describe the factors that may contribute to the area being of concern to road users 

Your recommendations – that is, solutions that may be applied to assist teenagers to be safe. Depending on the area, your recommendations may be divided up under the 4Es of crash prevention (see below).

Ensure you include a separate section on possible issues associated with being a driver in the identified town or suburban areas.


Education Encouragement Enforcement Engineering
Programs to instruct/educate road users.  Programs to reward or promote safer behaviour. Programs run by police to enforce road rules. This includes changes to the road or road environment and changes to the vehicle. 
  • Posters
  • Jingles
  • School campaigns
  • Local councils
  • TV commercials (see Activity 10)
  • Driver reviver
  • Rest areas
  • Line markings
  • Safe driving awards
  • Registration and insurance premium reductions
  • Lower speed limits (for example, schools, buses)
  • Speed cameras
  • Fines
  • Red-light cameras 
  • Reversing sounds for cars
  • Crumple zones
  • Communicate local speeds to a vehicle computer sensor
  • Increased visibility
  • Safety rails
  • Line markings
  • Electronic message signs
  • Ripple strips
  • Cycleways
  • Variable pedestrian crossing times/overpasses
  • Traffic calming devices


Last update: 24th November 2014