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About On the move

Road ­related crashes are the one of the leading causes of death and serious injury among young people. High school aged young people are among the highest risk groups. The teaching resources within On the move aim to challenge students’ attitudes and behaviours as a road user, and reduce the number of young people killed or injured in road-related crashes.

On the move has been designed for use by teachers and students as part of class teaching and learning programs. Resources have been developed by Transport for NSW in partnership with the Department of Education, Catholic Education Commission and Association of Independent Schools NSW. Transport for NSW funds the Road Safety Education Program in the school sectors. This program provides free road safety educational resources for students and professional development opportunities for teachers in all NSW schools.



Each education sector has road safety education specialists available to support NSW teachers in best practice, curriculum-based road safety education. The website contains all previously issued hard copy resources for Stages 4, 5 and 6. 

Teachers can choose from a range of activities to best suit the needs and abilities of their students.  The resources are designed to help students develop the knowledge, skills and understandings of road safety risks as pedestrians, passengers, riders and future drivers.


Students: what you need to know

The road safety activities allow students to explore risk­taking behaviour, consider the consequences of making unsafe decisions and learn to identify and avoid road safety dangers. Activities cover social influences and crash factors such as drink driving, speeding and fatigue and non-seatbelt use. The resources includes many practical and real issues that put young people at greater risk of being in a crash, injured or killed.



Parents: what you need to know

Families have an important role in supporting their children’s road safety education by providing advice and guidance. As role models, they are an important influence on how their children behave. By following proper road safety habits and driving practices, families can send positive safety messages to their children and help them learn to be responsible for their own safety.

Safety reinforced

On the move offers road safety education activities that encourage students to recognise potential dangers on the roads and to minimise risks. Families should encourage responsible behaviour and teach their children how to stay safe on the roads. This will help reinforce what they learn at school and encourage them to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Last update: 3rd August 2016