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Student sheet 2.2.3 - Managing distractions script


This list should be read quite quickly by the SUPERVISING DRIVER (INSTRUCTOR) to simulate a driving situation.

  1. Put on your seatbelt, check mirrors and turn on car (and music system).
  2. Adjust music system volume.
  3. Shift into gear, release brake.
  4. Indicate right and pull out.
  5. Shift into 2nd.
  6. Shift into 3rd.
  7. Shift into 2nd and brake.
  8. Shift into 1st and come to a complete stop.
  9. Turn left and go from 1st gear to 2nd gear to 3rd gear.
  10. Stop at pedestrian crossing (shift to 1st).
  11. Accelerate into 2nd.
  12. Shift to 3rd.
  13. Starts to rain, turn on windscreen wipers.
  14. Stop at red light.
  15. Accelerate to 2nd.
  16. A tennis ball suddenly bounces in front of the car.
  17. Accelerate into 2nd.
  18. Accelerate into 3rd.
  19. Accelerate into 4th (mobile phone rings).
  20. Enter 40km school zone.
  21. Turn the music system off.
  22. Stop at the traffic lights ahead.
  23. After 10 seconds, accelerate into 1st as the light changes to green.
  24. Accelerate into 2nd.
  25. Driver drops an object (for example, glasses onto floor near pedals).
  26. Approach roundabout and turn right (don’t forget to indicate).
  27. Accelerate into 2nd.
  28. Depart 40km school zone, accelerate into 3rd.
  29. There are pot holes in the road ahead (slow to 2nd).
  30. Accelerate to 3rd.
  31. You approach a local park on the left hand side of the road with children playing in the park.
  32. NIGHT TIME: Turn on headlights.
  33. Arrive at your destination; indicate and pull into a parking spot on your left.

Last update: 2nd December 2014