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3.1 The roadways to reading - All students

At the heart of your study of English is learning to analyse how meaning is made in and through texts. In Roadways for reading you will explore how different types of texts and their media of communication take you along different roads to meaning.

You travel:

  • a single track through texts that deliver a definite and particular message   
  • the open road of multilayered texts that allow for a variety of meanings: Advanced or Std, ES and EAL/D 
  • the multi-lane highway where texts are structured to allow choice of different paths for reading and how your choice of paths affects meaning

In this section of Cruise Control you will learn about the codes and conventions that apply to the processes of composing and responding to texts. You will see the differences between how you respond to print and how you respond to digital texts. You will also explore the similarities and differences in the ways various media relate to the real world and how the characteristics of the print and digital technologies enable different approaches to achieving the purpose of a text.

Last update: 7th September 2018