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Student worksheet 3.2

A simple health promotion plan

STEP 1 Identify target group needs and priorities (for example,what is needed? what things can individuals and communities do?).
STEP 2 Set aims and objectives (what are you trying to achieve?).
STEP 3 Decide upon the best approach or method to achieve the aims (for example. the actions and skills required or best suited). 
STEP 4 Identify potential partners and resources (efor example, environmental support, strategies, infrastructures, financial support? what will you do, when and how?). 
STEP 5 Plan how the resource will be evaluated.
STEP 6 Set up the plan of action ( for example, promotional material or educational?).
STEP 7 ACTION implement the plan (including the evaluation).

Modified from Katz, J., Perbedy, A. & Douglas, J. (2000). Promoting health: knowledge and practice. UK: The Open University Press, p260.

Last update: 26th November 2014