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Student worksheet 4.1 - Scenarios

Passenger scenarios

Scenario 1
You've just spent the evening at your best friend's house for a sleepover. The next morning is a school morning so your best friend's father offers to drop you off at school on his way to work. Because there is already a car full of children, he wants you to share a lap belt in the back seat of the car with a smaller child. It's about 2km to the school.
Scenario 2
It's your friend's birthday and one of your parents is giving you a lift because it is a 30km trip to do some shopping at the mega-shopping centre. You're the front seat passenger and you're travelling at 100kph on a two-lane highway. It's a busy stretch of road and there is traffic surrounding you. You notice, however, that for about the last 5 minutes there has been only about one car length between the car in front and your car. This hasn't happened very often but lately it seems to be happening more and more, especially when your parent is in a rush.
Scenario 3
You're the front seat passenger in a car travelling to the movies in city traffic. The driver, who is a family member, receives a call on their mobile phone. There is no hands-free facility and the mobile phone is in a small compartment beween the driver and the front seat passenger. As it starts to ring, the driver takes one hand off the steering wheel and starts to reach across to receive the call.
Scenario 4
It's the weekend and your best friend, Ben, who lives on a farm, has invited you to stay for the weekend. He has promised to take you horse riding and to help round up the sheep. When the time comes on Saturday afternoon to go and round up some sheep in a far paddock, Ben realises that one of the horses you were going to ride is being used elsewhere. Instead he starts up the farm 250cccmotorcycle. There are no motorcycle helmets to be seen in the shed or house. 

Pedestrian scenarios

Scenario 5
It's about 8.15 am and you are getting ready to walk to school. There are a couple of different routes you can take. There is the long way, which means walking along the streets from your house, across the busy main road and past the park. Going this way means there are large footpaths, big intersections and a school crossing that has lights. Overall it's pretty safe and takes you about 20 minutes. On the other hand there is the shorter way, and it means you get to go past the corner shop where some of your friends hang out and you can walk together. The short way is a bit tricky because you have to cross the main road between intersections, walk through the car park of the shopping centre, and cross the road near the school jnear where buses are coming and going. It's a lot of fun with your friends and it only takes 15 minutes.  
Scenario 6
It's Saturday evening and you and about five of your friends have decided to go to the movies. It's at the end of February so it is still bright at 7pm when you head off. Walking to the movies is something you don't do that often – so you all meet at a friend's place before walking 2km. Between you and the movies are busy and not-so-busy local streets, footpaths, a multi-laned major road and a few intersections, some with traffic lights. The group does not all walk at the same pace. Some of your friends are faster walkers and a couple are quite slow and lag behind. You are one of the slower walkers as you're busy talking. When you look up you see that most of the group have crossed at the lights and are heading into the cinema. You're really stressed out as the movie is just about to start and you want to sit together. 
Scenario 7
Your parents, who have been shopping, have just picked you and two friends up from the movies. You and your friends pile in together in the back seat, with you sitting behind the driver because you have the shortest legs. On the way home, one of your parents realises that they need bread and milk for breakfast the following morning. They pull up outside the local corner store that is located on a busy road. Your mother asks you to go into the shop and hands you the money.
Scenario 8
The weekend is just around the corner! It's Friday afternoon and you and two friends are waiting to be picked up. Unfortunately your parent is running late and you are in a rush to get home so that you can get ready to go to training. The school is located on a busy road and it is now getting close to 4pm. Finally your parent arrives and parks directly opposite you on the other side of the road. It is about a 50m walk up the road to get to the school pedestrian crossing. 

Wheels user scenarios

Scenario 9
You've just arrived home after school and the phone rings. It's your best friend asking you to come over. You put on your bike helmet and ride over to your friend's place, which is about a 15-minute trip. Once you arrive you lose track of the time and about 5.45pm you get a phone call from your mother telling you to get home straight away. Your grandparents are coming for tea. When you go outside you realise it's starting to get dark and to make matters worse, it's drizzling with rain and you have no lights or reflectors on your bike. 
Scenario 10
Riding your bicycle to sport on the weekend with a friend, you have to go through 3 intersections. The first is a  T-intersection with a Give Way sign. As you approach the intersection to turn left you see there is no traffic coming and keep on going. As you approach the next T-intersection you have to turn left again. Once again there is no traffic coming on your right so you turn the corner. At the last intersection you have to cross a major road, so there is a Stop sign. Your friend who is just in front of you and about to reach the intersection spots a gap in the line of traffic and seems to be speeding up. 
Scenario 11
It's the weekend and you and two of your friends have just finished watching a video when you get a phone call from another friend, who lives a couple of blocks away, asking you to come over. One of your friends has a scooter and you and your other friend have skateboards. They have been riding for the last two years; but you have just been given a skateboard for your birthday only last week. On the way to your friend's house is a steep hill with a T-intersection at the bottom. The road is a little uneven because of the roots from a large tree breaking through the surface, which can make you airborne when you go over it at speed. There is also a concrete footpath all the way to the house. They put on their gear and head off down the road. 
Scenario 12
One of your friends has just dropped in for a visit. He's riding his bike and wants you to go for a ride with him. You go to put on your helmet when he says, "What sort of loser wears those things? Alll the guys will pay you out".

Future driver scenarios

Scenario 13
Driving home after a weekend away camping, your mother decides to stop for a coffee. Rather than stopping to drink it, she decides to keep on driving and drink it along the way. Even though you offer to hold the cup for her, she places the hot coffee in a cardboard tray between her legs so she can get it when she wants. Before getting to your place there are about 5 sets of traffic lights.
Scenario 14
Driving on the freeway with your brother’s best friend who has just got his red Ps, you sense that you are going well over the speed limit. Your brother also shows some concern and asks his friend what is the speed limit for red Ps. The friend replies, “Oh, don’t worry – I’ve never ever seen anyone get booked along here”.
Scenario 15
Your older cousin has just got her red Ps and offers to pick you up and take you to the movies. When you get there you realise that you have misread the times and the session has already started. The next closest cinema is 10km away, much closer to the city and it’s raining. Even though your cousin has done the required number of hours for her Ls, she hasn’t driven a lot in city conditions or in the rain.
Scenario 16
Driving on a country road, your father is driving too close to the driver in front. From inside the car you see a sign that indicates an overtaking lane is 1km ahead. Your father doesn’t seem to want to wait that long and looks to overtake the other driver. You start to say something but your father looks really angry.


Last update: 24th November 2014