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Student worksheet 3.1

Discussion questions

  • What do you predict could happen in the situations?
  • Why are these situations more or less risky than the other situations?
  • Describe the factors that could make these situations more or less dangerous.

Consider the following:

  • gender
  • personal values about what is right or wrong
  • the person's level of skill or experience
  • the environmental conditions
  • the vehicle/mechanical design that would contribute to the risk of the situation
  • what the potential consequences are
  • whether the person is alone or in a group
  • Consider the high-risk situations. What strategies could be put in place to make them less risky? Rank them in order of effectiveness.

Adapted from an Extract from © Personal safety plans, NSW Department of Education and Training, Professional Support and Curriculum Directorate, 2000.

Last update: 1st October 2014