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Stage 6, Years 11 and 12

With many senior students already learning to drive, Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12) road safety education resources concentrate on drivers and their passengers. Limiting risks, protecting lives has activities to challenge student attitudes to the decisions and risks they face as drivers.

Cruise Control has been developed for teachers to support the Year 11 English courses and Year 11 students at a time when they are beginning to drive. It helps guide students to understand that citizenship is not just about rights and privileges, it is also about individuals accepting responsibility for themselves and for others.

Cruise Control

Cruise Control aims to attune students to the critical importance of road safety. It encourages students to take control of their lives as well as their learning. Through a framework of English concepts, Cruise Control supports the development of learning processes that foster a culture of critical and personal engagement. This is essential for students to connect the learning encountered through the resource to their experiences of the real world and the worlds of texts.

Limiting risks, protecting lives – Choices for novice drivers and their passengers

This Student Wellbeing resource covers Stages 5 and 6 (Years 10 and 11). Students are encouraged to analyse their behaviour as drivers and passengers, with a wide range of questions to promote deeper thinking and knowledge. Modules include research on statistical road crash data relating to speed, how to get your driver licence, strategies to become low-risk drivers and the common causes of crashes.

Last update: 6th March 2019