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Stage 5, Years 9 and 10

Young people are over represented in road related crashes. Identifying and assessing risk as a road user and the consequences of unsafe road use behaviours are important aspects of students’ learning. Students in Stage 5 are approaching the age when they can apply for a learner licence, and may tend to be passengers of older siblings and friends. It is important that students in Stage 5 build on what has been taught in Stage 4 and learn about how to plan for challenging and unsafe situations, and evaluate factors that impact on their decisions and behaviours.

Shifting Gears features interactive modules where students can, amongst other activities, investigate a crash scene and take on the role of a driver who must avoid hazards on the road.

Limiting risks, protecting lives has activities to challenge student attitudes to the decisions and risks they face as drivers and passengers.

Shifting Gears

The four sections in this resource support the PDHPE syllabus and focus on pre-learner and L-plate drivers. The different types of challenges and driving environments that young people encounter are examined. Through a detailed investigation of a crash scene, students learn to recognise and understand the complexities that drivers face. They also learn to identify risks, understand the road rules and act as a TV reporter to make a news item to show how young drivers are over-represented in crashes.

Limiting risks, protecting lives – Choices for novice drivers and their passengers

This Student Wellbeing resource covers Stages 5 and 6 (Years 10 and 11). Students are encouraged to analyse their behaviour as drivers and passengers, with a wide range of questions to promote deeper thinking and knowledge. Modules include research on statistical road crash data relating to speed, how to get your driver licence, strategies to become low-risk drivers and the common causes of crashes.

Last update: 29th July 2016