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Shifting Gears

Resource overview

Shifting Gears examines the different types of challenges and driving environments that young people encounter. Students investigate a crash scene, take on the role of a driver, answer questions on the road rules and compile a TV news report. For current statistical information visit the Centre for Road Safety website.

Related curriculum

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) syllabus for Years 7-10.

Teacher and student resources

There are four sections within the resource. The introduction provides information on how to use them. There are separate teacher information sheets and student worksheets for each section.

Section 1: Crash Investigator

Students investigate a crash scene that has just occurred and identify the factors that contributed to it.

Additional information

This interactive activity allows students to explore other skills needed for safe driving, aside from controlling the car, such as perceptual, cognitive and social skills.

Section 2: Riskometer

Students take on the role of a driver in this interactive activity and identify hazards in a range of driving environments.

Additional information

To complete each activity, students must click on hazards, monitor their speed and test their reaction times to keep their Riskometer out of the red.

Section 3: L Test

After watching traffic animations students must answer questions related to the relevant road rules.

Additional information

Students click on answers for each question and can only continue if they are correct. After three incorrect answers, students are taken back to the start of the section.

Section 4: Reporter

Students take on the role of a TV reporter and compile a news item about why young drivers are over-represented in crashes.

Additional information

In this interactive activity, students must uncover clues and interview people to make a TV news report. After it is played, a TV anchorman gives students feedback on the quality of their report.

Last update: 13th May 2019