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Student worksheet 2.2

Pooling your wisdom scenario - Minh

My friends and I like driving around for fun and just hanging out together in our cars. Lately some of my friends have been standing on the roof or the front of the car while it is being driven around. A few times I’ve seen them fall off and one guy broke his arm last week. It’s really risky and I think it’s only a matter of time till someone gets killed or badly injured. I want to try and stop them from doing it, but I don’t know how.

Can you help me come up with some ideas about how I can convince my friends to stop?

Pooling your wisdom scenario - Julia

Sometimes when I’m out at a party I don’t want to drink more than I've planned. Sometimes this level is zero,  other times it is more. However it’s often hard to stick to my limit because my friends urge me to continue drinking to keep them company. Before I know it I am drinking more than I want and not at my own pace. I can’t seem to get out of the situation even if I am the designated driver.

Can you help me come up with some ideas about how I can avoid drinking more than I want when my friends pressure me?

Pooling your wisdom scenario – Matthew

I can’t drive yet and all of my friends have their licenses. Basically I have to go wherever they want and leave whenever they want. We all live out of the city so travel by car is our only safe alternative to get home. Many times I have felt very uncomfortable riding with my friends who are either showing off, or driving faster than they should. I feel like I have no control over the situation and no say in what's happening . I usually just close my eyes or put my head down all the way home. I want to go out with my friends but don’t know what to say.

Can you help me come up with some things that I could say or do to feel safer and still go out with my friends?

Pooling your wisdom scenario – Billy

My friends and I like to hang out in a local car park on a Friday night. We meet for some food, hang for a bit, go for a cruise, and come back.There are about five cars and up to 15 of us. I drive my dad’s old car that I have done up with a new paint job and reconditioned engine. I just love cruising around with my friends playing music. I guess I consider myself a pretty safe and responsible driver. A few of the guys are real rev heads. All they come down for is to speed and make a lot of noise. Every week I get asked to race someone and it is getting harder and harder to refuse. I’m really feeling the pressure to show what both I can do and what my car can do, plus I love driving fast. I’m always left in two minds with unconvincing reasons not to do it.

Can you help me come up with some convincing reasons not to race and some alternatives to racing?

Pooling your wisdom scenario – Tui

My friend has recently decided that taking drugs is a good way in which to go out, drive home and not get caught by the breathalyser. He has been in trouble with the police before for speeding and drink driving, but now he thinks he has it all sorted out. I am not so sure. I know that drugs affect you when you are driving but he won’t listen to me. I lost my licence about a month ago and so rely on him to pick me up for work. Often he is still driving in the morning affected by some sort of drug. I need to get to work but I feel unsafe going with him.

Can you help me work out how to get my friend not to drug drive and how to let him know how I feel?

Pooling your wisdom scenario – Michael

Recently some of my friends have been experimenting with ecstasy and then driving.They keep telling me what a cool experience it is and that I should try it. I don’t want to try it and I’m really worried about them using it and then driving as well. I am feeling out of the group.  I'm unsure of what to do and how to approach the situation.

Can you help out in this situation? What are the options, obstacles and strategies? (Don’t forget to think about harm minimisation)

Last update: 18th September 2014