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Student sheet - Introductory Module Activity 3

Use the following cards to provide students with three different situations. Students could suggest other factors that could influence their decisions and how they would respond.



You’ve had a day out and the ride home is fast and furious. You don’t want your mate to slow down.
You are pleased you managed to get a lift home as your other lift fell through. You don’t really know the other passengers in the car and you are starting to feel nervous about how fast the driver is going.
The barbecue was fun but now you are feeling a little tired and just want to get home, as you have to get up early for work tomorrow. The driver is not going directly to your home and you feel uncomfortable about the way they are driving.
You’ve enjoyed being with friends and want to keep on partying by turning up the music and singing along.


You are keen to get a lift with a new friend you’ve met at the BBQ. You have managed to arrange for the lift home for yourself and another friend. Your friend is not comfortable about being in the car and says to you they want to get out.
Your friend had agreed to take up the offer of a lift home even though you weren’t too keen. You go with them but don’t like the way the driver and other passengers are carrying on. You feel unsafe and want to get out but don’t want to leave your friend in the car.
It is still early afternoon and you don’t want to go home. You want to continue the fun somewhere else. You keep trying to convince everyone else in the car to come too and party on.
You are not feeling well and just want to get home, but do not like the way the driver is speeding.


Your friend is the driver and you are very concerned with the way they are driving. But you don’t want to say anything.
You have had a great time at the barbecue and managed to get a lift in this car. You don’t know anyone and don’t care. You are very loud and keep telling everyone what to do.
You came with this driver and need a lift home as the barbecue is a long way from home. You didn’t really feel too comfortable about the way they drove to the barbecue and you are not really comfortable on the journey home.
It was a great barbecue and you don’t want to go home. You are staying the night at the driver’s place and are keen to party on. But you start to feel uncomfortable with how fast the driver is going.

Last update: 18th September 2014